E & S Fresh Market
Homemade sausages

Homemade sausages:


Wild rice brats

Cheddar cheese brats

Potato sausage

Spinach and feta turkey sausage

Cilantro and yam turkey sausage

Sundried tomato and basil

Curry sweet pepper turkey sausage

Hot Italian turkey or pork sausage

Sweet Italian turkey or pork sausage

Seasoned breakfast sausage link or bulk

Chorizo in turkey or pork

Spicy pork sausage

Specialty Offerings

Fresh burger ground daily

Fresh cut deli meats and cheeses

Fresh local produce

Local Honey

Jenny Lind Bakery (Tue/Thurs delivery)

Watkins meats

Ellsworth cheese curds

Matt Buvala eggs and whole chickens

Organic and grass-fed local beef

Local lamb

Large line of organic groceries

Great selection of beer

Gluten free options